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Welcome to Yo Fresh Brighton


  YoFresh Yogurt Cafe is an extraordinary health experience unlike any you have ever tasted. YoFresh is committed to providing you healthy and all natural frozen yogurts in a fast paced atmosphere.


Serving up delicious all natural frozen yogurts with a large variety of delicious toppings, fresh yogurts and fruit smoothies. You’ll find we provide everything you need to live an active, healthy and happy life.





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Here at YoFresh we understand the importance of being social. After all, enjoying your favorite frozen YoFresh Yogurt with your friends and family is a social thing. "Like Us" and "Follow Us" on the following social outlets to stay up to date on the happenings at your new favorite Social hangout... Yo Fresh Brighton.  

YoFresh in the News

Yo Fresh Brighton NOW OPEN
Yo Fresh Brighton Location is now open for business. Come join the fun.
YoFresh Brighton Launches website
Yo Fresh Brighton Launches new website in April of 2014.


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Periodically we send out promotions that contain a promocode. By entering this promocode on our site you can receive a special discounts and savings. If you received one of these promocodes in the mail, click the button below to redeem it.


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Yo Fresh Brighton sends out periodic specials and discounts to its subscribers. This is the best way to receive great savings and enjoy your favorite treats from Yo Fresh Brighton at the same time. Click the button below to join our eSpecial program and recevie these specials right to your inbox.

I want to Thank everyone for their CONTINUED support In Yofresh. We are so happy to be part of such an upbeat, positive community in Brighton.  We are here daily to serve all your smiling faces. Yofresh Yogurt Cafe is an extraordinary health experience unlike any you have ever tasted. Please visit us today!